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David Lawrie in the Forest

David Lawrie in the Forest is a live performance of three songs which was recorded in the summer of 2013. The 16 minute film was split into three parts, with each part being released, in episodic fashion, over the following autumn.

Each of the three songs were filmed and recorded live in a different location within the same forest that served as the backdrop for David Lawrie’s debut music video "Over, Under" earlier in the same year.

After all of the episodes were released, the full version was made available for streaming. You can see it here:

Interspersed between the live footage are a number of cutscenes that were filmed in the forest, much earlier in the summer. These shots were actually the first shots ever filmed by Haruko, and were originally intended to be nothing more than test footage. By creatively grading the tests, scenes from the footage were used to add to the flow of the final "Live in the Forest" film.

You can see the original test footage here: