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David Lawrie - Dorothea Music Video

The video for "Dorothea" is a matte-painted expansion of the Dorothea's Boat album cover. There are three main scenes in which the video takes place, and these scenes are interspersed with more matte painted elements, of a psychedilic styling.

There is original HARUKO photography and footage in this video, as well as additional footage by Mitch Martinez.

This video also uses images by photographers who have licensed their work under Creative Commons.

Images licensed under CC BY 2.0 (to read the license click here)
"Coral reef, Shark Island lagoon, French Frigate Shoals" by Lindsey Kramer via USFWS - Pacific Region
"Coral and Ulua" by NOAA National Ocean Service Image Gallery
"Coral Reef" by Jerry Reid via USFWS
"reef1253" by David Burdick via NOAA Photo Library
"reef1445" by David Burdick via NOAA Photo Library
"Great White Shark" by Elias Levy
"Cápák hete (2014)" by Lwp Kommunikáció
"Barracuda" by Julia Koefender
"lionfish" by jayhem
"Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay" by Daniel Zimmerman
"Wentworth Woodhouse panorama" by Allan Harris
"Hinton Ampner" by Peter Curbishley
"Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter - IMG_7160.jpg - Clown Fish" by Bruce Tuten
"Mars_NASA" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
"Solar system scale" by Meng Bomin
"Large Planets" by Lunar and Planetary Institute
"Yawning Baboon" by Jeroen van Luin
"Baboon" by Arend Vermazeren

Images licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (to read the license click here)

"cliffs of moher" by Martin Abegglen - to download the manipulations of this image click here

You can see the video below: