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David Lawrie - Storm Petrel Vinyl EP Artwork

The visual concept around the Storm Petrel EP and its accompanying music videos was one of honesty and simplicity. A simple portrait on a backdrop of black cloth constitutes the main element of the front cover, with additional layers containing a long-exposure shot of head and tail lights moving around a bend, and the light reflections of rippled water on a ceiling. These two layers represent the "automotion" and "tidal wave" in the lyrics of the title track.

In the Storm Petrel and Feline music videos you will see the same central portrait style forming the basis from which the visuals expand in different directions, to highlight the significantly different lyrical content in the A and AA sides of the EP.

On the back cover is a shot from behind. This is to suggest that there is 'nothing to hide,' and that there was nothing behind the lens from the point of view of the front cover. The typeface of the back cover also became the main font on the David Lawrie Website.