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David Lawrie - Dorothea's Boat Vinyl and Digital Downoad Artwork

I wanted to turn the world on its head for the cover of Dorothea's Boat. The image is comprised of a variety of photographic sources pieced together. The water is not actually an ocean, but a shot taken during a trip to Lake Tahoe. The moon is spliced with a vector image of the earth, turned on its side. The nebulous space surrounding the moon is created from layers of cosmic graphics, and the two faces are the "Jekyll and Hyde" characters in the David Lawrie - Feline video.

I quite liked the NASA images of the earth as taken from the moon, and at the same time, I find images of the moon beautiful and inspiring. One is the hub of life as we know it, and the other is an empty vessel. Perhaps my own pessimism towards the fate of our own planet led me to superimose the shadow of earth's land mass onto the arid and lifeless surface of the moon. I didn't question my judgement at the time, and I don't regret it now. The same goes for the fact that the earth is dropped on its side. Regardless, I am happy with the overall presentation of the album:

For the vinyl release of the album I expanded the scene so that the image spreads across the front and rear covers of the sleeve: